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Given the strong and proven link between ’Attendance & Attainment’, the Welsh Government is placing a strong emphasis on improving levels of attendance in all our schools.

Research evidence indicates clearly that the more regularly a child attends school, the more they will learn and achieve.  At our school, we are committed to providing your child with the best possible education and ensuring that they achieve to the best of their ability.  Please therefore support this school by ensuring your child attends school on time and regularly throughout the academic year – Every Day Counts, Every Second Counts…

We now use the Powys ‘Traffic Lights’ Attendance tool to closely monitor and address patterns of school attendance.  You will be receiving a letter informing you of your child’s ‘Attendance Zone’ at the end of each school term and we will take steps as appropriate given the circumstances and the attendance threshold attained by each individual pupil.  The table below explains the 3 different categories of attendance.Attendance coloursWe fully recognise however that pupils are at times absent due to genuine reasons such as personal ill health & medical and dental appointments.  However, we as a school ask for your full co-operation to ensure, as best possible, that such visits take place either at the end of the school day or during the school holiday period.

Regular attendance is the key to your child making good progress at school and we look forward to working closely together with all parents to ensure that every child is able to achieve their full potential at Ysgol Cradoc.

Please see more information in the following documents

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