The Humanities Area of Learning and Experience provides fascinating contexts for pupils to learn about people, place, time and belief.  It gives them an understanding of historical, geographical, political, economic and societal factors and provides opportunities to engage in informed discussions about ethics, beliefs, religion and spirituality.  Pupils learn to consider how these different factors interrelate, and develop an understanding of themselves and other people, their own locality, Wales and the world in a range of times, places and circumstances.

The Humanities Area of Learning and Experience provides rich opportunities for learning beyond the school walls, for example through exploring the local environment and learning from the experience of people and organisations and businesses in the community.  Pupils also gain the knowledge and skills to understand and contribute to the community and engage with societal issues.

Drawing on history, geography, RE, business and social studies, Humanities provides a wide range of opportunities for connections with all of the other Areas of Learning and Experience, for example in Expressive arts (historical, geographical, geopolitical and religious influences on culture), Mathematics and numeracy (interpreting data), Languages, literacy and communication (through research, discussion and writing about complex issues in the humanities; exploring links between culture and language through a modern foreign language), Science and technology (climate change, environmental issues), Health and well-being (ethical issues, diversity and equality).