Llangranog Trip


Brilliant nights sleep, Mr Aldridge even had to wake everyone up this morning

 Our last days activities…

image(1) image(3) image(4) image(5) image(7) image(8) image(9) (1) image(9) image Wednesday_1 (1) Wednesday_1

What a fantastic bunch…


Suppose we should have a wash?!

It’s not cold at all………..

Wednesday_2 Wednesday_3 Wednesday_4


Tuesday Afternoon


You sound like you are having a great time!  I am so proud of you all that you are behaving so well – and proud of Mr A and Mrs H for being so brave and getting up so high!!!!

Amy – I though unicorn’s were extinct?  Harvey and Ben – racing – were you really supposed to be trying to beat each other?  Look out parents; a sign of things to come perhaps?  Ryan – I always get the slow one too.  Rosie – 11 x awesome – it must REALLY be awesome!

Hope you slept well last night.  The mud sounds great.

I can’t wait to see you all this afternoon to find out about it!

Mrs Moz

Onto the horses we go.


Tuesday_3 Tuesday_4

Meg- go-carting was EPIC I loved it and now I want a go-cart for myself!!!!

Rosie- I went so fast on the go carts!!!!! It was awesome!!!EPIC. Bethan-today I did the best thing ever I did tobogganing and it was awesome as well drove the go karts and I almost broke it opps. I just did the climbing wall it was amazing I want to go back to doing it. Next we have horse riding I hope I get to canter. I am looking forward to it.:)

Isobel just went climbing mr.a a did well it was so much fun tobogganing nearly fell  off go carting was awesome want to do it again.

Beth- I feel like I’m full of adrenaline had a great time climbing and go karting having a great time!!!!!!!

Lauren-we just finished climbing and bouldering it was ok but I have had a worse session before. I really enjoyed tobbogening and the go carts!!! AWESOME!!!


Ben-Go-carting was EPIC and tobogganing was AWSOME. Harvey and I had the best race ever with the go-carts.

Harvey-(I won)


Ryan-I lost on go-carting (my one was slow)

Harvey- epic day

James- I love every bit of it but it’s not injury free

The adventures on the low ropes.


Lloyd-we went to the beach again. Really fun time.

Owen-I won the go carting 🙂


“Help Mrs Harley,”

image23 Tuesday_5

Ben-AWSOME day

Josh-I over lapped Ryan 4 time and I had an AWSOME day!!!!!!

Amy – we went on a beach walk. We did low and high ropes today.

We went pony (unicorn) riding! I can write the boring way!

Emma- day was epic 😀

The high ropes………….

image(5) (1) Tuesday_1 image(1) (1) image(2) image(4) (1)

Rosie-awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome. Awesome day.

Beth- great day had loads of fun

Our last evening walk to the beach…


Isobel-Had a walk on the mountain and then went on the beach fun.

We’ve all had an amazing time, the children have been fantastic ambassadors for Cradoc school, Mr Aldridge, Mrs Morris and Mrs Harley are so very proud of them all, they’ve been brilliant (and all asleep by midnight!!)

Apparently the best is yet to come with the muddy adventure course tomorrow!

Sorry mums and dads…


Looks like you are having great fun – classy outfit Mr A – like the elbow pads in particular – the colour suits you!

Looking forward to reading the updates later tonight!

Mrs Moz 🙂

A beautiful start to the day having a play and a chat before breakfast. 

Rosie-we’re going for breakfast. Had a good night and going to have a awesome day again.yay!!!!!!!

josh-had a great night woke up at 5:00 :).

Lloyd-going to breakfast there’s a massive queue and I’m really hungry.  I had a great night woke up at 7:00. Ben-going to breakfast been waiting in the queue for ages, had a great night woke up at 6:45

Isobel just got breakfast coco pops!

Amy: I can’t wait to see what we do today!i hope we do go-carts . Skipped most of the long que because I went to the other line lol. Me and Glesni finished way before the others!

Beth-wonder what we’re doing today had too wait in a Very long line for breakfast but it’s worth it!!!!!!!

Emma- just having breakfast, love it…

Lauren-nearly finished my breakfast and are ready for the day ahead…horse riding,go carting etc. I’m really looking forward to today could it be better that yesterday?

So, after our breakfast we’re off to our first set of activities.
Tobogganing and go-karting
image(21) image(22) image(26) image23 Tuesday_6

Taking a relax painting our pebbles from the beach…

Onto the climbing wall we go…
Definitely time for some very well deserved lunch!
Da iawn pawb


Tuesday morning


What a beautiful view to wake up to.  🙂 

Message from Cradoc:
Good Morning everyone at Llangrannog.  Your view is better this morning than ours -misty and overcast.  How lucky you are. Hope you have all tidied your rooms readyfor inspection and are heartily tucking intoyour breakfast as I write.  It sounds like yesterday was “epic”! I hope today is the same. Catch up later – Mrs Moz.



As Monday draws to a close, here’s a quick review of our first day…

Our attempts at skiing.

Awesome start by all.

image (1)

Beautiful walk to the beach. 

image(1) (2) image(2) (1) image3

Bethan-when me and Isobel got locked in our room then mrs.harley came and got the men and they just about got us out.

by the way happy birthday dad xxxxx

Isobel help!!!!!! soooooooooooo courageous of  glesni and Lauren to help us when Bethan and I got looked in our room I got out; just!!!

Amy-I learnt how to ski! I can shoot a arrow (with a bow), yay.

Emma- I now love archery (I looked just like katniss) swimming was

good fun, skiing was tiring but at least I learned how to do it!!! 🙂

Beth-having a great time I finally learned to ski!i loved swimming and archery as we’ll!!!!!!!

Lauren-today was pretty awesome even if we only had a half day.

But I learned to ski on a dry slope no falling over(much) but before skiing we did archery. Oops our team lost(by 5 points)

Rosie-Having a awesome time!!!!!going for a walk down the beach tonight, ice cream!!!

 image16(1) image17 image18TW(Lauren again). EVERYONE IS HAVING AN AWESOME STaY HERE AT LLANGRANOG!!!


Owen-amazing ski session (even though I did make mrs Harley’s heart stop at one point!!)

Isobel me again had an amazing session in archery and swimming but missed the skiing because of the fracture but had lots of fun watching mr.a falling over I’m sure mr.a is going to enjoy tonight bumps and bruises.

Me again me = Bethan-I really enjoyed the archery

Glesni- me, Bethan, Isobel and Lauren won the room inspection.

Owen- no you didn’t me Ryan Harvey Lloyd Ben josh and James did Harvey-i loved the swimming:)(I am epic)

Ben-today was great fun especially exploring the caves can not wait till tomorrow ( I am epic!)

James-lol 2day was epic can’t wait till tomorrow

Beach self portraits…

image(6) (1) image(7) (1) image(8) (1) image(10) image(11) image(12) image(14) image4 image5 image9 image13 image15

Llangrannog Monday night

Hi all at Llangrannog.  What a wonderful view – you pay a fortune for a sea view like that!

Good to see you have all arrived safely and started off well.  I am sure you will have an Ab Fab time.  Looking forward to seeing your next update.

Sleep well all.  (Can you see that pig just behind the cloud?)!

Mrs Moz


Our first day

Well it started lovely and sunny but the rain has already come to say hello…

The lovely view from our (the girl’s rooms)

image(2) (2)


Llangranog trip

The year 6 residential to Llangranog is fast approaching…

We will aim to keep you updated with all of the relevant information as and when we get any.

Monday 2nd June 2014.

During the meeting we viewed a powerpoint I had created about our upcoming trip, for those of you unable to attend I’ve attached a copy for you to look through at your convinience.

There’s also a link within it to go onto the Urdd site, explore the centre and activities available.

Please feel free to give us a call or pop in if you have any questions.