Health and Well-being

Children and young people need to experience social, emotional and physical well-being to thrive and engage successfully with their education.  This Area of Learning and Experience draws on subjects and themes from PE, mental, physical and emotional well-being, sex and relationships, parenting, healthy eating and cooking, substance misuse, work-related learning and experience, and learning for life.

PEPhysical Education school_guidance2Emotional Well-being & Mental health extinguisher_etcPhysical Well-being
pyramidHealthy Eating and Cooking in_loveRelationships and Sex Education familyParenting
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The Health and well-being Area of Learning and Experience helps pupils to build the knowledge, understanding and skills that enable them to develop positive and appropriate relationships, deal with the difficult issues and decisions they will face and learn to live independently.  It helps pupils  develop an enjoyment of physical activity and helps them gain knowledge and practical skills for healthy eating.