London 2014


The children have had a good time at Windsor Castle this morning and finished their time away with a memorial service at Runnymede.

They are currently (4.05pm) having a comfort stop at Bristol Services and should arrive back at school at 6pm as expected.

Wednesday Night and Thursday day

Some more photos from Wednesday night and some from Thursday day-time.

The children have all had great fun.  They were allowed into the public gallery (a rare privilege) in the Houses of Parliament and saw the Foreign Secretary speaking.  They then held their own debate in one of the Committee Rooms, followed by a vote.

The RAF museum was good and the Indian meal was “fab”.

All children enjoyed the visit to the New London Theatre and War Horse was “epic” or “amazing” depending on whether you listen to the children or adults.

Everyone arrived back at the hotel last night very tired indeed and lights out was no problem at all!

Thursday_01 Thursday_02 Thursday_03 Thursday_04 Thursday_05 Thursday_06 Thursday_07 Thursday_08 Thursday_09London_Wednesday_07 London_Wednesday_08



Children have all enjoyed visiting the Houses of Parliament and putting our MP Roger Williams through their own version of Question Time!

They found the building “awesome”.

All doing well and enjoying the very fine weather.

Mrs Moz.

Thursday breakfast

Sounds like a good night last night.

Everyone has had breakfast and they are all getting ready to be off to the Houses of Parliament.

Mrs Moz

Wednesday in London

A busy day and a long walk and such a lot to see!

After a great walk sight seeing and some time relaxing in St James Park, (no rain!) the children have eaten well in the private upstairs room at Planet Hollywood.

They have booked in to the hotel and had their showers.  All the children are in bed.

Miss Roberts reports that all are well and fine – and it is very quiet after their long walk.

They met up with Mrs Norman and Bob the tour guide and have found out a huge amount today.

The children’s behaviour has been excellent all day and they are all looking forward to a busy day tomorrow.

Just a few photos of some of today’s events – more to follow tomorrow:




London_Wednesday_01 London_Wednesday_02 London_Wednesday_03 London_Wednesday_04 London_Wednesday_05 London_Wednesday_06 Wednesday_10 Wednesday_11

Wednesday afternoon

Wednesday afternoon:

Text received at 7.36 : “We’re sat in planet Hollywood … all enjoying a very much deserved meal with tired legs by the end of our walk!”

Ready to set off?

The day has come – but here at school it is still dark!

Hope you are all finishing your packing and see you in half an hour.

Mrs Moz