Languages, Literacy and Communication


This Area of Learning and Experience encompasses the progressive development of skills in listening and speaking (oracy), reading and writing in English and Welsh; modern foreign languages; digital communication; and literature.

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britain_stonehenge  roundhousePrehistory                                   The Celts

history                         castle

The Romans                The Age of the Welsh Princes

Tudors    Stuarts

Tudors                                     Stuarts


Industrial Revolution             Space Race

Ancient_Egypt  Ancient_Greece




Cradoc is a Platinum Eco-School

Being an eco school means being green in as many ways as possible.

We have litter picks, we compost our food waste, we recycle our paper, we save energy and we take care of our school environment.

Each class has Eco-reps who often come together to take part in special Eco events.

Mr Aldridge, supported by all the other staff, works with children across the school.

To find out more about being an eco-school (and have some fun!) have a look at the links below:

Compost bin Recycle Zone Kids Energy Zone
Pupil Voice Wales Living and learning with water Fair Trade
Eco Wales Waste Awareness Wales The Pod




The Humanities Area of Learning and Experience provides fascinating contexts for children to learn about people, place, time and belief.  It gives them an understanding of historical, geographical, political, economic and societal factors and provides opportunities to engage in informed discussions about ethics, beliefs, religion and spirituality.

Celt_girlHistory GeographyGeography

Religious Education


Social and Business Studies

We help the pupils develop an understanding of how these different factors interrelate, to learn about themselves and other people, our own locality, Wales and the world in a range of times, places and circumstances.  We enable pupils to understand different forms of religion over time and in different societies, supporting them to develop respect of different and diverse faiths and belief systems.