Snowy Weather

As we have a yellow snow warning for this week I am sending a quick reminder that if the weather is particularly bad I will make a decision about school closure by 7.30am.  The school will only close as a last resort, but if necessary I will:


Please check these systems.  You might also want to tune into Radio Wales or listen live at

If you have changed your email address or phone number in the last few months, please email your new one so that we can update our systems.

If the school remains open, I would stress that it is the decision of the transport company whether or not the school transport runs on any particular day, for collection at the start of the day or return at the end.  In the mornings, the transport company are only required to contact parents if there are less than 6 children on the bus.  In the afternoons, the company only have to notify the school that they will not be running, and are not required to do this until 3.30pm – no advance notice is required.  We will then notify parents, retaining the children at school until parents can be contacted.  If children remain at school after 4pm, as a result of the transport being cancelled, then they will be taken into Kids Club.  Regrettably, parents will have to be charged for this service by Kids Club.  We appreciate that a sudden deterioration may result in cancellations being made unexpectedly, but this should only be exceptionally.

In the event of school having to close during the school day, we will again use the same routes of contact.  The phones are likely to be busy so to help us please email the school office ( to confirm you have received notice and to tell us what arrangements you have to collect your child, eg Grandad is on the way, they are to go home with Mary’s mum  etc.  If we do not hear from you this way we will try to contact you by telephone and that can cause delay and staffing issues!

Thanks for your understanding with this.  We hope it will not be necessary, but better safe than sorry!


Judith Morris