Cashless System from Parentpay

A new cashless payment system for school dinners and other transactions has been launched in Powys.  Powys County Council launched the new system last year and it is being rolled out to all schools in the County and it went live at Cradoc on Wednesday 20th September.

Under the new system, payments for a range of school-based transactions can be pre-loaded and ‘topped -up’ on an online account. While those without internet access will be able to use local Pay-Point outlets such as newsagents, garages convenience stores and other local retail outlets.  At present, we are using the system for school meals only.

Through the new system, parents/carers will also have the ability if required to see what their children are eating in school. The system will also inform catering staff of specific dietary requirements in relation to allergies.

If anyone is having any difficulties or has queries, please do not hesitate to contact the catering office at or call 01597 827661 or take a look at the help sheets and FAQs below.

Adding and using Parent Account credit

How to add a child to your account

How to pay for items

How to set up email and text alerts

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