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Welcome to Oak Class

This is where you find information about life in Oak Class.  Our class is Y5 and Y6 and Mr Aldridge is our teacher.

Oak Class Parent Information Spring 2017

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Using Scratch

We have been learning about computer programming in class.  To do this we have been using the programme SCRATCH.  I’ve attached a link for you if you wish to download free onto your computer.


We are experimenting with the Welsh Govenments new learning platform called Hwb+. This will become a collaboration page between teachers and children to build a resourceand information bank for each class and the school as a whole. Eventually you will have access to all of the key calendar dates through this site, be able to view and help cildren access their work, complete homework online, access children’s emails, store and retrieve all schoolwork from OneDrive and ultimately have access to office 365.



Maths Activities

Have a play on some of these maths websites to practise and sharpen your maths skills.

bite2 maths bitesize

Times Tables


Over the course of this year we will be really challenging the class on their knowledge of their times tables.

We are going right back to the 3’s for the next two weeks, then moving onto the 4’s, 6’s, 8’s, 9’s, 7’s finishing up with the 11’s and 12’s.

There will be weekly tests on a Wednesday based on the tables we are working on.

On a Monday mixed tables just to keep our brains active and thinking about all of the tables…

The questions are quick so practising is important.

Click on the image above for the tables poster.

Rugby Training

IMG_1948 IMG_1950 IMG_1944 IMG_1952 IMG_1956 IMG_1957 IMG_1953 IMG_1946

Our Egyptian Masks

Here are a few examples of some of the hard work from our Design Technology topic this term.

img_1933img_1925 img_1932 img_1930 img_1929 img_1928

Literacy Activities

Apostrophes                   Their/there/they’re

Welcome back to Class 5

A HUGE welcome to class 5…

During the week the children will be developing their touch-typing skills.  If they have time at home and would like to practise more then please click on the link and log into the typing club portal.