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Our class is Reception and Year 1.  Mrs Hughes is our class teacher and Mrs Marsy Price is our learning support assistant.

Elm Class Parent Information Spring 2017

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Hector’s World E-safety

We have been learning about E-safety in class.

These cartoons helped us to understand how to help Hector to stay safe on the internet.


Cartoon 1


Cartoon 2


Cartoon 3


Cartoon 4


Cartoon 5


Cartoon 6


Maths Links

Below you will find some games and videos that you can play at home to help with maths topics.  This will build up over time and you can keep coming back to practice again and again if you want to.  Don’t forget to check out the FUNZONE too!

Read the time to the hour (and half hour if we are ready) on analogue clocks:



Organise and interpret information in a simple table. Interpret information from simple lists, tables, pictograms or block graphs:

Pictogram_Fishing Bar_charts Tally_Marks


Understand and use the properties of shapes: Know the names of more common 3-D and 2-D shapes:

Buried_treasure  What_shape_are_youLearn_about_shapes


Compare and order numbers to at least 100. To read and write numbers to at least 100:

Arrow_cards Max_in_the_forest Washing_line


Know by heart addition and subtraction facts for pairs of numbers that total 10
Begin to recognise that addition can be done in any order:


Friends_of_Ten Farmer_Pete Guess_my_number

To recognise coins of different values. To pay an exact sum using smaller coins up to 50p:

Igloo_shopping Coins Piggy_Bank


To use non-standard units to measure weight/mass. To understand the terms heavy and light:

Using_a_balance BBC_Mass_and_Measure Sesame_Street_Heavy_and_Light

To know by heart doubles for numbers up to at least 10 and the corresponding halves:

Monkey_bananas Dartboard_doubles Hit_the_button


To compare and order numbers to at least 20. To understand and use ordinal numbers up to at least 20th:

Guess_my_number (1) Ordering_caterpillars Ordinal_numbers_video


To count reliably up to 20 objects. To read and write numbers to at least 20:

Match_the_numbers_and_words Writing_Numbers_Rap_Video Roy_the_Zebra_order_word_numbers_to_20 Pelmanism_words_and_digits


Measuring and weighing

Have a go one some of these weighing activities that we’ve been looking at in school this term.

scales scales2

The Wood Turner’s Visit

Lucille’s Dad came to school to talk to us about his work as a wood turner. He explained that he only uses hand tools and no power tools which use electricity.

First he showed us different leaves from his woodland and we tried to identify which tree they came from. We looked at some utensils that he had made and noticed the different colours in the wood.

wood_1 wood_2

We watched carefully as he started to carve an object using different tools, we tried to guess what it would be! He explained that it was easy to carve as the tools were very sharp and had to be used correctly so that he didn’t hurt himself.



The object takes shape!


Then we see something we recognise – feathers! It’s going to be a bird !


Each slither of wood is carefully moved and woven together to make a wing and the bird is formed…..


He left us all with a feather bookmark to decorate and take home – THANK YOU MR. IRWIN, we had a great afternoon!



Share in our learning:

A Day in the Woods 1 A Day in the Woods 2
A Day in the Woods 3 Watch Club



Class 2 would like to thank Forrest Hogg for his visit to school to talk to them about his time in Madagascar. The children have been working on a story about a boy called Kabo in Botswana and are very interested in the African wildlife. Forrest showed the children some photographs and video footage from his visit. Everyone enjoyed his talk and had some thoughtful questions for him to answer. Forrest is an ex-pupil of Cradoc School and was able to share some memories of his time in school also.