Policies, Plans and Reports

Policies, Plans and Reports Intro

This is where you can find the more formal documents, for example our school policies, planning documents and reports, eg Estyn.  It is not meant to be an exhaustive list but simply the main items that you might find useful.  If you would like to see any further documents, please contact the office direct.

Prospectus front 2016 Governors annual report to parents front 2015 to 2016 3Cradoc_Best_Practice_Report_Estyn_Report_2013
Cradoc_School_Estyn_Report_2012  3Cradoc_Estyn_Report_2012
Administration_of_Medicine Attendance_Policy Behaviour
Bus_Charter E-Safety_Charter_2013 Charging_and_Remissions
Complaints_Guidance_Notes Complaints_Guidance_Notes_for_Governors Complaints_Policy
Data_protection_policy Vision_etc



Newsletters 2016-2017

View our most recent newsletters here.  If you would like to register to receive newsletters by email, please email the school office with your address.  If you have any content you would like included in the newsletter, please email the school office by Thursday morning.

Newsletters – Spring Term 2017

Newsletter logoSpring Issue 24.03.2017 Newsletter logoSpring Issue 31.03.2017 Newsletter logoSpring Issue 06.04.2017 Image result for Happy easter in welshPasg Hapus

Easter Holidays – Why not go to Coolkids

Newsletter logoSpring Issue 09.02.2017 Newsletter logoSpring Issue 16.02.2017 Newsletter logoSpring Issue 03.03.2017 Newsletter logoSpring Issue 10.03.2017 Newsletter logoSpring Issue 17.03.2017
Newsletter logoSpring Issue 06.01.2017 Newsletter logoSpring Issue 13.01.2017 Newsletter logoSpring Issue 20.01.2017 Newsletter logoSpring Issue 27.01.2017 Newsletter logoSpring  Issue 02.02.2017

Newsletters – Autumn Term 2017

Newsletter logoAutumn Issue 25.11.2016 Newsletter logoAutumn Issue 02.12.2016 Newsletter logoAutumn Issue 09.12.2016 Newsletter logoAutumn Issue 16.12.2016

Image result for christmas tree clip artNadolig Llawen

Newsletter logoAutumn Issue 14.10.2016 Newsletter logoAutumn Issue 21.10.2016 Newsletter logoAutumn Issue 04.11.2016 Newsletter logoAutumn Issue 11.11.2016 Newsletter logoAutumn Issue 18.11.2016
Newsletter logoAutumn Issue 09.09.2016 Newsletter logoAutumn Issue 16.09.2016 Newsletter logoAutumn Issue 23.09.2016 Newsletter logoAutumn Issue 30.09.2016 Newsletter logoAutumn Issue 07.10.2016

Newsletters 2015-2016

Newsletters – Summer Term 2016

Newsletter logoSummer Issue 25.06.2016 Newsletter logoSummer Issue 02.07.2016 Newsletter logoSummer Issue 09.07.2016 Newsletter logoSummer Issue 15.07.2016 Summer Holidays – Why not go to Coolkids
Newsletter logoSummer Issue 12.05.2016 Newsletter logoSummer Issue 19.05.2016 Newsletter logoSummer Issue 26.05.2016 Newsletter logoSummer Issue 10.06.2016 Newsletter logoSummer Issue 17.06.2016
Newsletter logoSummer Issue 08.04.2016 Newsletter logoSummer Issue 15.04.2016 Newsletter logoSummer Issue 22.04.2016 Newsletter logoSummer Issue 29.04.2016 Newsletter logoSummer Issue 05.05.2016

Help and Support

Help and Support for Parents

In this section of the website we provide documents and articles, most of which have been produced by our school, which we hope will explain how we introduce and develop concepts to the children, so that families can re-inforce this at home.

There is further information which may be useful in the Kidzone.

Help_my_Child_Learn_to_Read Help_my_Child_with_Maths E-Safety_Charter_2013

Fred Talk Phonic Blending
Fred Talk (Phonic Blending)
Phonic pronunciation guidePhonic Pronunciation Guide speedsound lessonSpeedsound Lesson
Erw_LNF_infoLiteracy & Numeracy Framework Information Duty_to_Hold_Meetings_with_Parents Letter_re_Parent_Meeting


Parent Zone

Parentzone Welcome

Welcome to the Parentzone.

At Cradoc we aim to work in partnership with parents to seek ways in which we can further enhance the children’s education, so that every child receives the best possible opportunities and receives a flying start to their educational journey.

If there is anything that you would like to see included in this section, or elsewhere on our website, please speak to the school office.  Thank you.


Term Dates 2015 to 2017

            No. of    School Days
Non-Pupil Days


Summer Term 2016
Tuesday 5th April to
Friday 27th May
38 Monday 4th April
Half Term Holiday
Monday 30th May to Friday 3rd June
Summer Term 2016
Monday 6th June to
Friday 15th July
30 Monday 18th July andTuesday 19th July
Autumn Term 2016 Monday 5th September to Friday 21st October 37 Thursday 1st September and Friday 2nd September
Half Term Holiday Monday 24th October to Friday 28th October
Autumn Term 2016 Monday 31st October to Friday 16th December 35
Spring Term 2017 Wednesday 4th January to Thursday 16th February 34 Tuesday 3rd January Friday 17th February
Half Term Monday 20th February to Friday 24th February
Spring Term 2017 Monday 27th February to Thursday 6th April 30 Friday 7th April Directed Teacher Day
Summer Term 2017 Monday 24th April to Friday 26th May 24
Half Term Half Term – Monday 29th May to Friday 2nd June
Summer Term 2017 Monday 5th June to Friday 21st July 35


School Dinners

At Cradoc we are lucky that we have school dinners prepared freshly on site every day by staff from Powys Catering.  The new Summer Term menu is shown below.

If you require any more information regarding allergens, special diets or have any other queries, please look at the Powys Catering webpage or speak to Head Cook, Mrs Julie Jones.


The school kitchen has been awarded a 5 Food Hygiene Rating in April 2015.  Well done to Julie and her team.


For more information about these ratings, please look at Powys County Council website.