Pupil Voice

The Year 6 pupils of the School become the Prefect and Buddies every September.  They have a number of duties around the School including being responsible for the care and attention of certain parts of the School environment e.g. library area.  The Prefects also have a duty day every week when they will have a part to play in the delivery of the daily Collective worship and the organisation of the Play Pod.

The Buddies take an active role in caring for other members of the school community and play games and activities with younger children, helping them to enjoy playtimes and resolve minor friendship issues.

The Prefects and Buddies are certainly looked up to by members of the school community and are expected to provide good examples of behaviour and attitude at all times.

Thank you Prefects and Buddies for all your hard work.

CONGRATULATIONS to our Headboy and Headgirl.

After excellent presentations from the candidates from Year 6 (the hustings), all of the pupils voted for their preferred candidates for headboy and headgirl.  Miss Roberts (the returning officer) made sure the votes were properly counted and announced the winners.  Congratulations to Rhys and Alysha who were elected.

However, very well done to all of the candidates who clearly worked extremely hard on their presentations and made some excellent speeches.  We appear to have quiet a few politicians and public speakers in the making!

The School Council is made up of representatives from Elm Class upwards.  The School Council meets regularly and plays a positive role in school life.

This year the School Council has been keen to improve the amount of equipment available to pupils at break times and has organised fund raising to buy new equipment.  They are currently working towards purchasing a Buddy Bench for the playground.

The elections for new School Councillors take place each September.  If you would like to be a Councillor, now is an ideal time to think about why you think you would do a good job, so that you have lots of ideas to put forward during the election campaign.  Well done to the following children who have been elected our School Councillors 2016 – 2017

Foundation Phase Peter and Noa
Hazel Class Alfred and Holly
Lime Class Zac and Grace
Oak Class Joel and Daisy

They are all very thrilled.  Thank you to our Councillors for all the hard work they do for us!

CONGRATULATIONS to Nia and Finn, our Super Ambassadors

This is a comparatively new role in school and our Super Ambassadors have three jobs. These are to:

  • Inform other pupils in their school about the Children’s Commissioner for Wales and her powers
  • Make sure other pupils know about about children’s rights under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.
  • Do special missions in school which help to inform the work of the Commissioner and have a real impact on children’s rights in Wales

The Eco Committee Reps 2016 – 2017 have been elected and are as follows:

Foundation Phase Oliver and Darcy
Hazel Class Michael and Louise
Lime Class Roshan and Zoe
Oak Class Jamie and Kiera

Well done to you all and we look forward to your advice in continuing to improve our school now that we have our Platinum Award.